Solid wood flooring is an eco-friendly, durable and amazingly beautiful material, which is in really high demand nowadays.

We produce floor boards without final finish. And there is a reason. We give you an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and expressiveness of natural wood, and its high quality. Selling floor boards without decorative finishes allows our customers to choose materials and coatings (paints, oils) of any color to achieve the best combination with the interior.

General characteristics

Main species used for produce of floor boards are ash and oak. These hardwoods have a bright and expressive texture. Soft color of solid oak and ash fits perfectly both in classic and modern interior. But there are more species for you to choose from, if you are looking for something different: red oak with its peachy soft color, velvety dark walnut and hard beech with its fine and even texture.

Distinctive features of solid wood flooring

  • durable
  • solid wood flooring tends to retain heat in the house
  • possess antiallergic and anti-static properties
  • natural and eco-friendly material
  • easy to install

Easy renovation is another significant advantage of solid wood flooring. You will only need to spen one or two days to polish and re-finish wooden floor in the apartment of average size. After these easy manipulations your floor will look like new. You have the opportunity to buy solid wood flooring of any required size.

Technical information

  • Length: from 500 mm
  • Width: from 100 mm
  • Humidity: Flooring has a moisture content 8 +/- 2%
  • Species: oak, ash, red oak, walnut, beech
  • Exact dimensions are discussed on an individual basis.

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In our company, we do our best to provide the widest selection of wood species and range of products to meet the needs of every client, right from our warehouse, and if it is not offered there, we are ready to work "to order."

Becoming your reliable supplier of wood, we will do everything possible to earn your respect and meet your expectations.