Laminated timber - natural, environmentally friendly material used for the production of wooden windows, door frames and other interior and exterior elements. It is made of solid oak, ash, pine, larch and of some other species. High quality laminated timber is not only practical material but has a really gorgeous surface. None of plastic windows or PVC doors could be compared to the beauty and elegance of a wooden ones made of laminated timber.

General characteristics

Our company "Lesorub" produces laminated timber from oak. It is the most durable and long-lasting material, which remains affordable. Level of humidity is 10-12%.

It should be noted that the final product does not tolerate alcohol treatment lacquers. Instead, it is recommended to use water-based varnishes. Moreover, oak ages very nicely. Over the time tone becomes deeper and more saturated. The pattern of the surface becomes clearer and more expressive. Because of this feature laminated timber products usually are not treated with paint coatings.

Other distinctive features of laminated timber are:

  • flexibility (oak laminated timber can be used for the production of curved constructions, for example, windows in the form of loops);
  • Increased moisture and rot resistance;
  • resistant to infection by mold fungi and damage by pests.

Клееный брус

Oak scantlings are resistant to warping and cracking, and maintain dimentions perfectly. Lifetime of such a window is 15 years or more, depending on the conditions of use. However, be aware that due to its heavy weight oak windows create a substantial pressure on the hardware, so it should be reliable and durable.

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