Wooden panels are one of the key materials in the furniture industry. Panel are made of top-quality lamellas glued together.
There are two types of panels: Solid Edge-glued and Finger-Jointed.

Solid Edge-glued Panel is made of solid lamellas of fixed or varying width. Thery are carefully selected in order to maintain uniformity of color in the finished product.

Finger-Jointed Panel is made of top-quality wood with lamellas glued together with finger joints. Stave size may vary as well as the type of the joint. The first type of the joint is visible on the surface. Such a shield is more durable and widely used in the manufacture of kitchen surfaces, furniture, stairs and tables.In the second case, to give a more aesthetic appearance, hidden joint is used. Panel with such a joint looks neatter but remains durable too.

Мебельный щит. Купить в Минске

Technical information

  • Species: oak and ash.
  • Humidity: 8+/-2%
  • Stave: from 20 to 110 mm


  • Thickness: from 22 to 40 mm
  • Length: from 500 up to 3000 mm
  • Width: from 200 to 800 mm

Minimum order for this product starts from 3 cubic meters!

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