Unedged hardwood board is a board with partially edged or fully edged sides. As a result, there is a bark on one or both edges and one of the edges may be rough.

The width of the unedged board is typically equals the width of the trunk of the tree from which it is made. The thickness and length may vary, depending on the specification of the manufacturer or the customer.

Each board is thoroughly tested and according to certain criteria related to one of the grades. Geometry and texture of the board, the presence of knots, sapwood and other defects of wood - all of these criteria devide boards into Extra, A, B and C grades. 

Unedged boards are widely used by businesses, one way or another related to the woodworking, as a raw material. Unedged boards are usually less expensive than edged ones. Therefore, many clients prefer to buy this board for further self-treatment.

Необрезная доска в Минске

Technical information

  • Thickness: 21/26 , 32 and 50 mm
  • Length: from 2050 to 4000 mm
  • Humidity: 8 +/- 2
  • Grade: Extra, A, B, C
  • Species: Oak, Ash, Beech, Alder, Birch, Walnut (American)

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